I am an image maker who lives at the edge of the ocean in San Francisco. A UCSF specialist in microscopy, I have professionally photographed lung tissue at the cellular level for three decades, using light, electrons, lasers, and fluorescence. My collaborative scientific work has appeared in numerous national journals; my microscopic images have been featured three times on national scientific journal covers. In making the transition to an active artistic practice, I developed the project, Before You Take a Breath, which explores the intersection of science and art. It showcases microscopic images that are both visually stunning and valuable scientifically. This project was on display at University of California at San Francisco (Laurel Heights campus) for four years.

I'm drawn to abstractions of real images; I like exploring different perspectives. I concentrate on natural light, long exposures with a tripod, and images that suggest, rather than duplicate, an object. Living and working on 47th Avenue in the outer Sunset district of San Francisco, I’m often drawn to Ocean Beach, where I began my ongoing project The Edge of the Ocean at the Edge of the Day. These images use long exposures to capture the shifting light of sunset on shallow surf at low tides. The motion of water and longer exposures create patterns and colors that are more complex than your eye can capture; the results are unpredictable and revealed only later as the files are downloaded. My images often combine a sharp foreground focus with the silky blur of movement. I use photoshop lightly. My art emphases subtle colors and unusual light, whether I am focusing on blue bottles with whimsical reflections, chasing feathers floating on shallow ponds, or the rolling ocean at night. I strive to capture the luminance of an object, images that suggest rather than starkly inform.

I share 47th Avenue Studio (the east and the west wing) with my photographer husband.